Estate Administration

With the death of a loved one, our attorneys are available to compassionately and efficiently transfer assets for the decedent including helping your family navigate the probate process in Colorado, Wyoming, or Nebraska.  We believe in setting the pace of a probate at your direction, whether that be fast or slow, and be a listening ear for the heartache your family is facing.    

Administration of an estate can involve more than simply distributing assets.  If your family has complex assets or distribution of an asset whose ownership among multiple family members is impractical, then know that Keller Law is available to assist in helping your family determine a practical, fair, and appropriate division of assets to preserve family harmony and assets.  

Probate Processes

Colorado has four different probate processes: 

1. Ancillary

2. Determination of Heirship

3. Informal Probate

4. Formal Probate

Our attorneys can assist you in determining the most appropriate probate process for your situation.  

Trust Administration

While a trust-based estate plan may avoid probate, you may still need assistance navigating transition on assets such as preparation of deeds or implementing estate or income tax planning.  We are here to help!