Estate Planning


Wills & Trusts

Whether you need a simple Will, complex planning for the success of  your farm or business, charitable giving, or whatever your desires for  your estate plan, Keller Law's breadth of knowledge and experience on  planning, real estate, tax, and related core subjects is key to your  planning objectives. Additionally, as a member of WealthCounsel, the nation’s premier estate planning group, Keller Law, LLC is well equipped to handle your estate planning needs.

Our  attorneys are familiar with estate tax planning and can assist you with  assessing your direction when it comes to planning your estate taxes.

Medicaid Planning

Planning for Medicaid?  Keller Law LLC attorneys can help you plan ahead for Medicaid eligibility .

Conservatorships and Guardianships

Need a conservatorship or guardianship for a loved one?  Here at Keller Law LLC, we strive to help in this department as well.

Probate and Trust Administration

Keller Law routinely handles probate administration within all of  Colorado Probate processes such as petitions for determination of heirship, informal probate, formal probate, and ancillary administration. Keller Law, LLC can also assist trustees and  beneficiaries with trust administration issues ranging from winding up a  trust to ongoing trust administrations for minors, or others subject to  the terms of a trust agreement. We handle routine administration as  well as complex matters such as special use valuation and discounts  related to closely held farm and ranch assets on federal estate taxes 

Estate and tax planning and probate involving oil and gas interests

This requires an inherit knowledge of both estate planning or probate as  well as oil and gas. Keller Law, LLC can provide full service estate  planning for Colorado and Nebraska residents, or if you are an out of  state owner of oil and gas interests, Keller Law, LLC routinely consults  with your home state attorney to make sure your estate plan encompasses  your wishes as to your home state assets as well as your oil and gas  interests in Colorado or Nebraska. We also are routinely consulted by  other estate and trust attorneys within Colorado to assist with that  planning for your oil and gas interests specifically.  If a loved one  has passed and a probate or update to title is needed, our attorneys  have completed hundreds of probates related to oil, gas, and mineral  interests across Colorado.  Keller Law, LLC is skilled in ascertaining  the appropriate process to minimize your costs to keep more of your  royalty and bonus money. Whether the probate requires a petition for  determination of heirship or interest in property for multiple  descendants, ancillary administration from a foreign state, or an  informal or formal probate, Keller Law, LLC is skilled in navigating the  probate process in Colorado for your bottom line .