Business Formation & Planning


Estate and Succession Planning

Your business is the heart of who you are and where you invest your time  and money. When it comes time to plan for the transition of your  business to the next generation or the sale to a third party, let us  help with the legal transition of your business to ensure your goals and  objectives are met. 

Start-Up Business

Starting a new business? Not sure where to start? Keller Law, LLC  provides affordable, flat rate services for new businesses. Our start-up  business packages include a flat rate, agreed upon upfront price to  enable you to focus on getting your company up and running. A typical  start-up package includes filing Articles of Organization with the  Secretary of State, preparation of an operating agreement, up to one  hour of consultation (either in person, on the phone or emails), and  then one additional legal document such as a commercial lease, equipment  lease, or independent contractor agreement. When endeavoring on a new  business adventure, make sure you have the legal framework in place to  protect and grow your new business. 

Business Sale/Purchase

Whether you are a party to an equity purchase or an asset purchase sale,  Keller Law LLC can help navigate the associated tax consequences 

Update Service

Keller Law, LLC offers the following services for entities: calendaring  the due date for filing periodic reports with the Colorado Secretary of  State; filing periodic reports; and serving as registered agent in  Colorado.